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Manual Scavenger
- Action Plan for eliminating manual cleaning of Manhole/Sewers and Septic Tanks.   Downloadimage1.8 MB  
DMA 72 SWM 2017-18 Implementation of SOP to clean septic tanks / sewer systems by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. 18.12.2019 Downloadimage677.4 KB  
DMA 3SWM 2017-18 Special Resurvey of Manual Scavengers in ULBs in the State. 28.11.2019 Downloadimage5.7 MB  
DMA 72 SWM 2017-18 Conducting Workshop on “Technologies for cleaning sewers and Septic Tanks with the objective of Eliminating human entry into Septic Tanks / Manholes.  27.09.2019 Downloadimage983.2 KB  
DMA 3 SWM 2017-18 The recurrence of cases in which workers have died while cleaning sewage or septic tanks in the urban local bodies.  22.08.2019 Downloadimage111.3 KB  
DMA 72 SWM 2017-18 About the creation of Task Force to clean the Man Hole in the Urban Local Bodies. 12.04.2019 Downloadimage378.6 KB  
DMA 58 SWM 2014-15 Increase in the death case of workers' occurring while cleaning sewage or septic tanks in the urban local bodies. 30-04-2016 Downloadimage991.8 KB  
UDD 129 CSS 2020 Formation of Technical Consulting Committee for Legacy Waste maintenance. 24-03-2020 Downloadimage1.3 MB  
UDD 401 CSS 2020 Regarding Grant Release to ULBs to Purchase the Vehicles & equipment’s under SBM. 19-12-2019 Downloadimage1.9 MB  
UDD 225 CSS 2019 Regarding administrative & technical Sanction for Vehicles, Machinery & Manpower proposals. 22-08-2019 Downloadimage1.6 MB  
UDD 96 CSS 2019 Formation of Committees for drafting State Policy. 03-06-2019 Downloadimage2.2 MB  


Source: DMA, GoK.